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ATI GM Ecotec Super Damper
ATI GM Ecotec Super Damper

ATI GM Ecotec Super Damper

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ATI's support of front-wheel-drive drag racing continues to grow with our latest Damper for GM's popular 4 cylinder Ecotec engine. Ecotec Dampers feature all factory serpentine grooves machined into the outer shell, allowing them to be used in both race and street configurations.

Top Ecotec racers like Nelson Hoyos and Marty Ladwig rely on ATI Super Dampers for superior performance and reliability race after race. In May of 2005, Marty Ladwig's ATI equipped Chevy Cobalt became the first 4-cylinder FWD drag car to break 200 MPH in the 1/4 mile with a blistering 202.02 MPH run.

Supercharged Applications
The ATI Super Damper works with either a six or eight groove setup with no modification. While the stock setup only requires a six groove pulley system, the ATI Super Damper features a lightweight 2024 aluminum outer shell designed to accommodate 8 groove belts commonly found on aftermarket superchargers.

For turbocharged street applications under 600hp at the engine, we recommend the under drive unit. For supercharged, engines over 600hp, or engine that will see racing. We recommend the over drive unit. It has superior dampening capabilities when compared to the under drive unit.

LNF engines with the under drive unit will need a shorter belt. Part # K050390

When installing this damper special care is required to make sure the crankshaft key is aligned with the keyway on the damper. Failure to do so will result in engine damage.

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