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Short Shifter F35
Short Shifter F35

Short Shifter F35

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We took a different approach to making a shorter throw. We have shortened the height of the shifter by an inch from stock and we have lengthened the bottom of the shifter also. This gives us a 35% reduction in throw.
The shifter body is cnc machined from 6061 aluminum and rides on delrin bushings for smooth and noise free operation. Our reverse lockout has been designed with a radius edge to eliminate the scuffing and rough engagement other shifters have.
The pivot ball is tig welded to the shifter shaft for a perfect alignment. Other vendors use a set screw that comes loose. They are both made from 303 stainless steel.
Our shifter balls/knobs are weighted design and are made from 303 stainless. The locknut has been designed to be a hassle free adjustment and is also stainless.

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